Friday, October 16, 2015


Here at the Uni Library, we have so much fun that we don't know the meaning of the phrase, "TGIF!" Don't believe me? Check out some photos from this week's haps:

We drew on the boards!
We were proud of our drawing on boards!
We got in the "spirit" of the season! (And were proud of our puns!)
We tried to cram notes into our heads!
We decided studying was better with a mustache!
We Skyped with alum Andrew Nguyen, now at Tufts!
We Skyped with alum Isabel Morford-Cheibub, who's taking a gap year in Brazil!
We learned how to make awesome Halloween costumes!
We got personalized costume ideas from Erin!
Best of all, we had glowing arms!

After all that, the weekend hardly seems necessary...but I guess we'll take it.

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