Monday, June 8, 2015

101 Boxes (not dalmations, thank goodness)

On this, Day One of the Great Library Facelift, six brave souls ventured from the cool UGL into the soupy June air, traversing campus to lend a hand boxing up Uni's books. In a mere hour and a half, Pam, Mitch, Bernita, Madeline, Lonnie, and Lori tackled half the collection, assembling and labeling boxes, transferring books, and keeping everything in order-- an important detail considering we'll reshelve in two weeks. Here's to 101 more (or however many it takes to finish) tomorrow!

Now those are labels!

Lori has let there be light!

Uh oh-- we lost Madeline!

Bernita's sweet smile of victory over the 600s.

Pam and Mitch v. the Fiction Room: that manga doesn't stand a chance.