Monday, August 17, 2015

And We're Back!

Just like that, summer has ended and school has started. The first bell of the 2015-16 year rang at 7:55 this morning, letting students (and teachers) know to make their way to Uni Gym for our annual opening day assembly. Summer may have gone quickly, but it's always good to see students, books, and students reading books.

A number of physical changes greeted library visitors upon their arrival (see previous post). While students were quick to notice the removal of the reference books and addition of the glass marker boards in the main room, the shorter shelves in the fiction room, and the reduction of shelves and thus addition of light in the non-fiction room, they often missed the biggest change. Can you tell what it is?

The calm before the storm: the library at 7:20am.

New Year, New Book-- so many choices!

The fifth hour crowd takes shape.

Paul helping two subbies with very specific typewriter inquiries.

The ol' H&B-- Hustle and Bustle, that is.

Freshmen already taking their studies seriously.

The Fiction Room Girls return, a year older and wiser.