Friday, March 6, 2015

Poetry Practice

April is national poetry month, of course, but here at Uni High Library we're getting warmed up in advance, and we're hoping students will join us.  Our Poem of the Week display is literally packed to capacity with poetry selections, ranging from the roughly contemporary to the EXTREMELY contemporary:  We've got some poems published in the late 20th century, and we've got some poets who were *born* in the late 20th century--Three out of our seven featured poets were born after 1980, in fact.

As part of our Poetry Month warm-up, we hope everyone will participate in our special "Poem of the Whenever" matching game. Students are encouraged to read all the poems in the Poem of the Week poem pocket and to fill out the quick matching game sheet.  Don't worry, you don't have to be a Pablo Neruda Prize winner to successfully complete the quiz.

And, speaking of prize winners, did we mention that completing a POEM OF THE WHENEVER Matching Game sheet qualifies students for a small, yet fabulous, prize?   Well, it's true.  We hope you'll share this information and visit our Poem of the Week display--It's been waiting all along, but it now includes a special incentive to check it out.

Poetically yours,
paulkotheimer: )

P.S. Amy here: Paul is our Poem of the Whenever curator and Senior Library Specialist extraordinaire-- thanks, Paul!

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