Friday, February 6, 2015

The Pack Yack

A touchdown dance is in order after today's Agora Unleashed session, where senior Isaak H. took the field to talk about sports and sport fandom-- namely in terms of his beloved Green Bay Packers. With plenty of talking points and a tote full of ephemera, Isaak made a great case for the Pack. He almost won over this Bear's fan. Almost.
Professor H. knows his stuff-- and his bow ties.

Mr. Rayburn gives the Kentucky perspective (which, btw, is not heart-warming, as it involves divorcing couples arguing over season tickets rather than child custody).

He's a natural!

Always Remember....

The new fashion trend?

Why yes, everyone is sporting the look!

OMG! Aaron Rodgers in the library! Can these 200+ pounds of muscle keep it quiet during Uni Period?

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