Thursday, January 29, 2015

Burning Question? Ask the Dragon

We recently decided to implement a question board in the library, hoping to answer people's nagging -- or simply embarrassing -- questions. Who fields these queries? Why, the all-knowing dragon, of course. From his perch above the comfy chairs, he sees all.

An average day of Dragon seeing all.

Opening his mailbox yesterday, Dragon found this letter awaiting him:

Dear Dragon,
Not to be greedy, but I want to ask you TWO questions.  First of all, why are your wings made of umbrellas?  Next, what are Rocky Mountain Oysters?  Recently my cousin made a trip to Colorado and told me he ate those for dinner one night.  Last time I checked, there wasn’t an ocean in Colorado, so how did he get oysters??  Help me clear up both these questions , Dragon.
Sincerely yours,
Landlocked in the Land of Lincoln

How will Dragon respond to this...sensitive query? Check the library board to find out!

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